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The hands-on help, creative support, and technical direction you need to finally get it done!

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If you have always wanted to offer an online program, this is your chance to get it done! 

Have you thought about creating a group program or selling a course, but haven't been able to put it together yet?

Have you been stuck when it comes to creating the pieces your need or figuring out the technology?

This program will walk you through the process of planning your course, creating the content, and building the infrastructure for selling your knowledge online. Together, we will set up everything so that, in the end, you will be able to market, sell and deliver your program to anyone, anywhere!

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Step-by-Step Process

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating an online course? I've created a clear and proven process to build an engaging program. Each month we focus on one phase of the process, with training calls and worksheets to guide you along the way.

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Where do you want your participants to end up? How are you going to get them there? Answer key questions about the structure of your online program. Give your course a title and it's own brand. By the end of month one, you'll have a blueprint to follow for the next steps.

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Next it's time to create the content for your program. Determine the format(s) you will use. Create your modules, worksheets and supporting materials. Strategize and write course communications that will keep people engaged.

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Finally, you will build your course! We will be walking through the process step-by-step in a platform called Simplero, one of the best options out there for small businesses -- or choose your own. Set up your course page, email sequence, and product order form. And make sure the whole thing works from beginning to end!


  • “The accountability piece was wonderful. I also appreciated the different examples of technology that we could use. At the conclusion of this program, I launched my Beta course. I’ve seen changes in the participants of my course, which is amazing. And I’ll be launching another round of the course this fall. I’m really ecstatic with the outcome of the work I did because of this course!”

    Balanced Symmetree

  • “Every time I thought about putting my course online, it completely overwhelmed me. Now it’s out there and I’m able to reach more people. That’s exciting!”

  • “I felt really supported and encouraged and accountable throughout the whole process. The only thing is I wish I would have done it a year ago when I first had the idea!”

  • “It's been a really good course. What I really liked about it is that it took a lot of information and brought it to fruition. ”

  • “Even though I’ve been doing marketing for many years, I learned a TON. On the last day of the program, my course was ready to launch, even with a pivot in the midst of it. It’s been really great!”

    Women's Financial Wellness Center

A few details...

When Is It Happening?

The program will run from September 17 - December 14, 2018. Have your online course ready to launch for the holidays or in the New Year!

How Does It Work?

You'll have access to a program page where you can watch the trainings, get the worksheets and track your progress. We will have two live sessions monthly via Zoom for specific questions, feedback, and progress checks. Everything will be recorded and accessible on the program page.

Additional Support

This isn't a DIY program that leaves you to your own devices. Engage in live, hand-on sessions. Work through the entire process with others, and ask the group and coach for help or feedback along the way. Get the support you need to finally Get It Done.

I'm Sarah Schwab, the Founder and President of Content Creation Coach. I help small businesses and entrepreneurs create a strategy and develop consistent, compelling content they need to market and grow their business online. 

I have created hundreds of blog articles, produced videos, teleseminars, webinars, e-books, and, of course, online programs.

I bring my experience, technical knowledge and creative passion to this program. And I'd love to have you joining the adventure of creating an online course, getting your message out to more people, and growing your business.

That's what it's all about!

Create an online program and grow your business!

There are limited spots available in this program for personal attention, so register now and create your online course in the next 90 days!

 The regular price of the program is $1097. Payment options are available. Click the button below to claim your spot!

Early Bird Discount and Bonus!

Register by September 6th and get $150 off the price of the program, and a 60-minute one-on-one session to work on your course! Click here and register today